We are happy to announce that Moneylicious Securities Pvt. Ltd. is now a part of Raise Financial Services.


The Commodities Markets facilitate trading in hard commodities like gold, silver, copper, aluminum, steel, nickel, crude oil, natural gas etc and soft commodities like chana, wheat, corn, pepper, turmeric, jeera, cardamom, cotton, sugar, potato, mustard seed etc.through futures and options. It is indeed amazing to note that one can trade in a number of household things that are used on day to day basis!!!

The interplay of global economic factors, the seamless international trades and efficient news dispersions have resulted in the movements of the Indian Commodities Market been in synch with the Global Commodities Market. Moneylicious devices strategies for corporates for hedging their commodity exposures through commodity futures.

Commodities have emerged as a separate investment class, where one can take positions in commodity futures with a long term perspective. Moneylicious not only assists investors by sharing investment ideas but also assists the enablement of such transactions through state of the art trading platform.

The Indian Commodities Market are continuously innovating ….be it investments for the future with Gold and Diamond Futures or hedging ‘the futures’ for mitigating the price risk ….. .

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