We are happy to announce that Moneylicious Securities Pvt. Ltd. is now a part of Raise Financial Services.


The Equity Market is one of the most vital areas of an economy as it gives the companies an access to capital and the investors a slice of ownership in these companies with the potential to realizing gains based on the companies’ future performance.

The Equity Market is the Market of possibilities. The market volatility offers immense opportunity for profits. A disciplined approach is quintessential.

The Moneylicious Mantra for Investments in Equities is to value ‘patience’ by ‘buying’ scrips from a long term holding perspective. The risk of capital loss diminishes the longer one stays invested.

The Magic of Equities can be well appreciated with Nifty 50 growing from Rs.1482.15 in 3rd January 2000 to Rs. 10672.25 in 3rd Jan 2019 …...i.e. a growth of 720%. The proof of the pudding is in the eating; the returns of Equity Investments have proved that it is the best financial investment option.

Moneylicious offers customized trading and investment services with seamless trading platform and advisory In the case of an existing equity portfolio, Moneylicious assists in weeding out of fundamentally weak or underperforming scrips and restructuring the same as per the investors’ financial objectives, risk appetite and investment horizon

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