We are happy to announce that Moneylicious Securities Pvt. Ltd. is now a part of Raise Financial Services.


Insurance is the ‘peace of mind’ bought to protect the financial value of an asset…the insurable interest. That is insurance is the phenomenon where the risk of financial loss due to the probability of occurrence of an incident is insured, the insured person will be kept in the same monetary position that he/she would be immediately before the occurrence of the incident

The increase in income and the exponential growth of purchasing power and household savings, resulted in the insurance sector introducing emerging trends like product innovation, multi-distribution and better claims management in the Indian market. The demands for new insurance policies with pocket-friendly premiums are sky high is increasing tremendously

The favourable regulatory environment with its stringent policies and strict surveillance insures that the insurance providers maintain prudent underwriting standards, and investment practices. The primary objective for the current regulations is to promote stability and fair play in the market place.

Even though the term ‘Insurance’ has become a frequent lingo , yet most of the people are inadequately insured…and ….this is where ‘Moneylicious’ steps in!

Being Insurance Brokers, Moneylicious has the entire spectrum of insurance policies currently available in India…. This gives the ‘Moneylicious Clients’ an advantage of selecting the policies best suited for them in terms of Insurable Interests and Low Premiums.

Moneylicious does not just sell insurance !!! Through Risk Assessment Audit….Moneylicious understands the risks associated with the Client’s personal and work life and the adequacy of the existing insurance coverage. Moneylicious will recommend policies only when it is necessary.

Moneylicious understands that the most important phase in the Insurance Policy Life Cycle is the claim settlement, hence it has a dedicated team who assist the clients is processing documentation and enabling seamless claim settlements.

Want to be insured but have to some doubts?

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