We are happy to announce that Moneylicious Securities Pvt. Ltd. is now a part of Raise Financial Services.

Loan And Credit Card

The Credit of a credit facility is in giving timely ‘Credit’ and the required amount of ‘Credit’ to the client needing ‘Credit’. Moneylicious aims at providing Loans and other credit facilities but keeping in focus the client’s perspective.

The robustness of our Financial System and the efficacy of the loans, has made applying for loans very convenient for clients. However, the adeptness of Moneylicious is in selecting the right type of Loan facility to enable attainment of that required credit within the permissible time at an attractive rate of interest.

With an ever increasing propensity to improvise on the Lifestyle…Loans have become a necessity and so has credit cards.

Credit Cards not only allow one to spend at present and pay in future but also offer a number of Lifestyle benefits …. from discounts on online shopping to complimentary airport lounge access. Moneylicious analyses the day to day requirements of clients and selects the perfect Credit Card for that perfect Credit Advantage.

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