We are happy to announce that Moneylicious Securities Pvt. Ltd. is now a part of Raise Financial Services.

Mutual Fund

We at Moneylicious, believe that Mutual Funds are the perfect investment vehicle for investors who been pre-occupied with a number of assignments are unable to monitor their investments regularly. Due to the necessity of ‘the time factor’ for keeping a close eye on the market, entering and exiting the scrips at the correct time, ‘Mutual Funds’ provide a tailor made answer. The investors do not need to time the market, but invest SIP by SIP at equal time intervals.

The Mutual Fund industry is evolving with new innovations at a lightening pace with a number of concepts from SIP to Flex SIP, from STP to SWP , from SIP Insurance to ATM Card linked Mutual Funds ….. and the list goes on.

Even though Mutual Funds are standard products, we at Moneylicious customise this standard product by designing ‘The Mutual Fund Portfolio’ suited for your financial aspirations, risk appetite and investment horizon.

For investors who are already invested in Mutual Funds, we offer a complimentary portfolio analysis, where we study the current investments in light of many factors like past performance, sectoral dominance, fund manager history etc. suggest a corrective action if and only if it is necessary!

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